SurClean Laser Coating Removal.

SurClean manufactures laser coating removal and surface preparation equipment that is precise, safe and clean. Our systems replace current methods of chemical, abrasive blast and high pressure water blast that generate hazardous waste and are difficult to control, creating unsafe work environments.

16x Faster

Than Chemicals

Precise Removal

Stripping Layer By Layer

No Hazardous Waste

Safe and Efficient

Customized Solutions

Specific to Your Application

Latest Technology

Up-to-date IC, I/O and PLC protocols

Cost Effective

COTS & Beam Delivery System

Our laser ablation solution reduces the time, money and risk associated with removing rust, dirt, paint and other coatings.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

SurClean, Inc. creates custom laser coating removal and surface preparation systems that are precise, safe and clean. By focusing on our specialty, the beam delivery system and pairing it with off the shelf components, we are able to create cutting-edge solutions that are highly customizable.

Laser coating removal replaces current methods of chemical, abrasive and water blasting methods. These methods generate hazardous waste, require personal protective apparatus and are not compatible with composites, fiberglass, alloys and other materials used in manufacturing of high dollar assets today.


  • Paint removal and de-coating
  • Surface preparation for adhesive bond and coating
  • Mold cleaning
  • De-oiling
  • Surface structuring
  • Restoration of stone, brick and concrete
  • Ideal for sensitive substrate cleaning i.e. CFRP
  • Corrosion cleaning

Years Established

Completed Projects

Bridges & Infrastructure

Vessels & Ships


Connect, Invest.

Pushing the

Boundaries of

Ablation Technology

for Over 8 Years

A small, woman-owned business, SurClean brings over 40+ years of laser industry expertise to the table to solve coating removal challenges, from the industrial to the military. We pair our own laser beam delivery system with off the shelf laser sources, chillers, exhaust/fume extraction to build either a handheld or robotic unit for each specific application.

Precise. Safe. Clean.

Check out our sister company, American Laser Enterprises, LLC., for other laser applications

Cutting, welding, drilling, heat treating, cladding, etc.

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