SurClean was founded to help move our military forward in the battle against corrosion.

With the yearly cost of fighting corrosion in the billions, SurClean systems offer a way to cut costs while improving safety for service members and reducing environmental impact.

An LMI study based on 2011 data estimated that the yearly cost of corrosion to the US military to be just under $3 billion. This takes into account maintenance, new construction, research and development costs.

SurClean aims to replace many of the expensive methods used currently to drastically cut the cost of removing rust from military assets. We want to make regular maintenance more feasible and help lengthen the lifespans of corrosion-vulnerable assets.

Managing member Don Sprentall, a Navy veteran, worked to pioneer the original SurClean system and works alongside our engineering team to improve and customize the initial design for defense-specific applications. For a tour or estimate, contact us today.

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